If you don't see the link to the settings page after installing a plugin, it means that some of the plugin requirements are not met. In that case, a message should be visible, explaining what the missing requirements are. Below is an example of such message:


If a notification is not visible, it could be because some other element is hiding it. Some themes and plugins load their own custom styles across the Admin area, and they can hide the notifications by mistake.

1. How to address the most common missing requirements

Below you can find a list of the most common missing requirements, with the details of how to meet them.

1.1 Missing Aelia Foundation Classes framework

All our plugins are based on our mini-framework, which is called Aelia Foundation Classes (AFC, for short). Instead of carrying a copy of the framework with each plugin, we designed our solutions so that the framework can be installed once, as a standalone plugin, and the other plugins will automatically find it and load it.

All the Aelia plugins can detect when the framework is missing. In that case, they show a prompt inviting the administrator to install it (example below):

If the prompt is not visible, you can download and install the mini-framework manually, as follows:

  1. Download the Aelia Foundation Classes (AFC) plugin: wc-aelia-foundation-classes.zip.
  2. Upload and activate the AFC plugin. The framework doesn't require any configuration, and it will keep itself up to date automatically, so you can forget about it after you completed the installation.

After installing the framework, the settings menu should appear as expected. Some examples below:

Aelia Currency SwitcherAelia Tax Display by CountryAelia BlacklisterAelia Prices by Country

1.2 Duplicate WooCommerce installations

All our plugin require a specific version of WooCommerce, which may vary from one plugin to the other. If you have the correct version active, but you see a message saying that you need to install or activate it, the most common reason is that there are multiple instances of WooCommerce installed on the site. 

Due to how WordPress tracks the installed plugins, the logic used to check for the version of a specific plugin stops as soon as it finds the first installed instance. That is, if you have multiple copies of WooCommerce, e.g. 5.0, 5.3, 5.7, the check would stop as soon as it finds the first one, and would not be able to see the ones after. This would result in the "incorrect WooCommerce version" being displayed.

The solution to this issue is, simply, to remove the additional copies of WooCommerce. Each plugin should only be installed once.

1.3 Invalid PHP version

The Aelia plugins require at least PHP 7.1 to work correctly. If your server is running an older version, you can contact your hosting provider to upgrade it.

1.4 Missing PHP libraries.

The Aelia plugins require the PHP CURL extension to be installed and enabled to work correctly. Your hosting provider can check that for you, and enable the extension if it's missing.

After addressing the missing requirements, the link to the settings page of the Aelia plugins should appear under WooCommerce.

2. Need further assistance?

If you need assistance to check your setup and verify that it meets all the requirements, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to help you getting the most out of our solutions.