An error 500 indicates a crash. The message is generic and doesn't provide details to solve the underlying issue, therefore the first step is to identify the actual cause of the crash. The most effective way to find the actual error is to enable the WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG settings in your WordPress configuration (see That will generate a debug.log file, which will contain the details of the error that occurred, and will make it easier to solve it.

Common causes of an error 500

Below are some of the most common causes of an error 500:

  1. An incorrect permission on folder /wp-content/uploads/wc-logs. That folder is where the Aelia plugins write their log files, and must be writable. If the folder is read-only, then the log writing might fail, and cause an error. On Linux, the permissions for that folder should usually be 775, or 777. If you are unsure of how to alter the permissions, you can contact your hosting provider, who will be able to do it for you.
  2. 2. Some other plugin crashes when the Currency Switcher is activated. Our plugins include several safeguards to prevent conflicts with other plugins, but they can't prevent other plugins from crashing if they don't contain the same safeguards. In this case, going by exclusion is an effective way to isolate the conflicts. By narrowing down the list of possible causes, it will be possible to fix the crash by removing or solving the conflicts.

    The following is a reliable process to isolate the cause of conflicts:
    1. Create a staging copy of the site.
    2. On the staging copy, disable all the plugins (keep WooCommerce and the Aelia plugins) and switch to a basic theme (e.g. Storefront), to exclude any custom code that might be causing the glitch.
    3. Try to reproduce the issue. 
    4. If the issue doesn't occur, switch back to your original theme and try again. 
    5. If the issue still doesn't occur, enable one of the plugins you disabled at #2 and repeat the test.
    6. Repeat #5 until the issue occurs again. This will tell you which element(s) contribute to it.

Should you need assistance troubleshooting the error, please feel free to contact us. Our Support Team will be ready to help.

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