Even if prices are entered "inclusive of tax", it's normal that they change depending on customer's country, as that's how WooCommerce is designed to work. In WooCommerce, "prices inclusive of tax" mean "prices inclusive of the tax that applies to the shop's base country", not the the tax that applies to customer's country. This concept is easier to understand with an example.


  • Shop base country: Ireland
  • Base country tax: 23%
  • Product A, price 100 EUR, inclusive of tax. In WooCommerce, this means "100 EUR, inclusive of 23% tax"

When an visitor reaches the site, WooCommerce calculates prices inclusive of tax as "product price minus shop's base country tax plus visitor's country tax". This means that visitors will see the following prices:


  • Germany (19% tax): 100 EUR - 23% tax + 19% tax = 96.74 EUR
  • France (20% tax): 100 EUR - 23% tax + 20% tax = 97.56 EUR
  • Sweden (25% tax): 100 EUR - 23% tax + 25% tax = 101.63 EUR

The above calculaton is by design, and there isn't a setting to change it, in WooCommerce.

How to keep product prices fixed, regardless of the applicable tax rate

If you wish to enter "prices inclusive of tax" that stay the same even when customer's tax rate changes, you can achieve that result by using our Tax Display by Country plugin. Such product includes an option to keep product prices fixed, regardless of what tax rate applies to a sale. You can read more about this feature in the following article: Tax Display by Country - Prices inclusive of tax seem to be incorrect.

You can purchase the Tax Display by Country plugin from our online shop.