Hosting and service provider such as CloudFlare, SiteGround, WP Engine and Flywheel, or plugins like W3 Total Cache, offer a caching solution that is too rigid for a highly dynamic site, such as a multi-currency ecommerce. The benefits of having multiple currencies, country-specific pricing and flexible tax configurations are denied by those systems, as they will serve the same content to all visitors.

As we explain on our site, the correct solution to this issue would be to update the caching systems, so that they support dynamic caching as they should. However, this depends on the respective hosting and service providers, and it might take time before they bring their services to that level.

Our workaround

To cover the gap, we developed a plugin called WooCommerce Cache Handler. This new plugin implements a few mechanisms that allow to work around the limitations imposed by rigid caching systems, ensuring that visitors will always see the correct content, depending on currency, location, tax rates and so on.

The WooCommerce Cache Handler is currently available, free of charge, from our online shop. You can read more about this solution, how it works, and how it can benefit your site, on our blog.

You can purchase our internationalisation solutions from our online shop.