Immediately after it's installed and activated for the first time, the Currency Switcher processes all the old sales data for reporting purposes, to make sure that the reports are correct. When the reports seem to miss some data, this is usually due to two conditions:
  1. An error occurred during the activation of the plugin, and prevented the processing of historical sales data.
  2. The Currency Switcher was left disabled for a while, therefore it could not collect the sales data for the reports. After being reactivated, the reports can't show the missing data.

1. How to import the sales data from the orders

The following steps will trigger the procedure that generates and stores the report data used by the Currency Switcher. Please note that you must be have administrative rights to perform the steps indicated below. 

  1. Open the WordPress Admin.
  2. Ensure that you're running the latest version of the Currency Switcher. You can see the latest version by going to and opening the Plugin Details section. Example:
  3. Initialise the import process. This can be done in two different ways, depending on which version of the Currency Switcher you're running. Please refer to section #2 for the steps to follow.
  4. If you don't see some sales data, it's probably because WooCommerce cached the reports and it's showing you the previously cached data. You can try again later, or you can clear the WooCommerce cache as follows:
    1. Log in WordPress Admin area.
    2. Go to WooCommerce > System > Tools.
    3. Click on Clear transients
      That will delete the previously cached data, including reports, and generate the new reports with the new, up to date data.
    4. To refresh the Analytics reports, scroll down on the Tools page and click on Clear analytics cache
      This operation clears the cache used by those specific reports, allowing WooCommerce to generate them from the fresh data.

2. How to trigger the generation of missing report data

If you need to repeat the import of report data, you can do it in one of the following ways, depending on the Currency Switcher version installed on your site.

2.1 Currency Switcher (July 2023 and later)

  1. Open Currency Switcher Options page by going to WooCommerce > Currency Switcher.
  2. Go to the Support tab and locate the button labeled "Generate sales data for reports"

    If the button is disabled, it means that the import is already running. In this case, you should see a message at the top of the page, showing the current status. 
  3. If the button is enabled, clicking on it will start the import process. Shortly after, the page will show you the result of the operation, to inform you that the task has been scheduled. Example:
  4. After starting the process, you can refresh the page to see the progress, or head up to the scheduled task page to see the step being process (see below).

2.1.1 How to see the import progress

The Currency Switcher shows a message at the top of the page while the import operation is running. Example:

You can also go to the Tools > Scheduled Actions page to find the actions performed by the background process. You can filter them by searching for the term "woocommerce-aelia-currencyswitcher", which is used to group them. Example:

2.1.2 How to troubleshoot the import of sales data

We tested the import process to be as robust as possible, but there may be some cases in which an error occurs that prevents the process from working correctly. If you see an error, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Check the browser console for any error message. Errors such as HTTP timeouts, exceptions or unexpected errors are usually logged there.
  2. If the console doesn't show any error, it could mean that the call to start the import was successful, but the process itself halts at some point. In this case, proceed as follows:
    1. Enable the debug mode in the Currency Switcher settings. The option is located at WooCommerce > Currency Switcher > Support. Example:
    2. Save the settings. This is important, as the background process reads the settings from the database, and can't "see" the box being ticked otherwise.
    3. Try to perform the import again. If the error still occurs, the log file generate by the plugin will be more detailed, allowing for an easier troubleshooting.
    4. Find the log file. You can find it in two ways:
      1. Via FTP at wp-content/uploads/wc-logs. The file has a name like woocommerce-aelia-currencyswitcher-[TIMESTAMP].log.
        The [TIMESTAMP] element is a date in YYYYMMDD format, such 20230630 for the 30th of June 2023
      2. By going to WooCommerce > Status > Logs. You can search for the file name in the box at the top right. Example:
    5. Inspect the contents of the log file to determine what error occurred.
  3. If you need assistance reviewing the log, please feel free to contact us. When you send us a message, attach the log file (the content of the file, not a screenshot), and we will have a look at it for you.

2.2 Currency Switcher (June 2023 and earlier)

  1. Open Currency Switcher Options page by going to WooCommerce > Currency Switcher.
  2. Copy the URL from browser's address bar, and append &aelia_cs_fau=go at the end of it. For example, if the URL is, change it to and press Enter.
  3. The page will reload, showing a series of updates executed by the Currency Switcher, with by a "completed" note at the bottom (see example, below). This means that one step of the processing of data for sales reports is completed:
  4. Open any admin page by clicking on them on Admin section. A message similar to the above might appear again, indicating that the Currency Switcher is still processing the orders.

    Important! Don't just reload the page, as that will restart the update process from the beginning, due to the aelia_cs_fau=go parameter in the URL.
  5. When the process is complete, the upgrade messages will disappear appear anymore. The reports should now show the correct figures.

2.1.1. Questions and answers

  1. Why does the "processing data" message appear multiple times?
    The processing of past orders is performed step by step, because it can be time consuming, and running it in one go could cause timeouts. Due to that, the Currency Switcher will notify you about its progress.
  2. Is it necessary to perform this process regularly?
    No. In normal circumstances, this process is performed by the Currency Switcher once, at the first installation, and doesn't have to be repeated. It has to be performed again only if the Currency Switcher is disabled for a while, then enabled again.

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