Immediately after it's installed and activated for the first time, the Currency Switcher processes all the old sales data for reporting purposes, to make sure that the reports are correct. When the reports seem to miss some data, this is usually due to two conditions:
  • An error occurred during the activation of the plugin, and prevented the processing of historical sales data.
  • The Currency Switcher was left disabled for a while, therefore it could not collect the sales data for the reports. After being reactivated, the reports can't show the missing data.

How to restore the missing report data

To fix the sales reports, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WordPress Administration. Important: you must be have administrative rights to perform the steps indicated below.
  2. Download and install the latest version of the Currency Switcher. You can get it using the link you received with your order, then you can upload it via FTP.
  3. Open Currency Switcher Options page.
  4. Copy the URL from browser's address bar, and append &aelia_cs_fau=go at the end of it. For example, if the page is, change it to and press Enter.
  5. The page will reload, showing a series of updates executed by the Currency Switcher, with by a "completed" note at the bottom (see example, below). This means that one step of the processing of data for sales reports is completed:
  6. Open any admin page by clicking on them on Admin section. A message similar to the above might appear again, indicating that the Currency Switcher is still processing the orders. IMPORTANT: don't just reload the page, as that will restart the update process from the beginning, due to the aelia_cs_fau=go parameter in the URL.
  7. When the process is complete, the messages won't appear anymore. The reports should now show the correct figures.
  8. If you don't see some sales data, it's probably because WooCommerce cached the reports and it's showing you the previously cached data. You can try again later, or you can clear the WooCommerce cache as follows:
    1. Log in WordPress Admin area.
    2. Go to WooCommerce > System > Tools.
    3. Click on Clear transients
      That will delete the previously cached data, including reports, and generate the new reports with the new, up to date data.
    4. To refresh the Analytics reports, scroll down on the Tools page and click on Clear analytics cache
      This operation clears the cache used by those specific reports, allowing WooCommerce to generate them from the fresh data.

Questions and answers

  1. Why does the "processing data" message appear multiple times?
    The processing of past orders is performed step by step, because it can be time consuming, and running it in one go could cause timeouts. Due to that, the Currency Switcher will notify you about its progress.
  2. Is it necessary to perform this process regularly?
    No. In normal circumstances, this process is performed by the Currency Switcher once, at the first installation, and doesn't have to be repeated. It has to be performed again only if the Currency Switcher is disabled for a while, then enabled again.

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