This article refers to the Currency Switcher for Easy Digital Downloads. That plugin was retired in 2021 and it's no longer available for purchase. If you're looking for the documentation for the Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, please refer to the following article:

The currency selector widget implements a hook that allows to alter the list of displayed currencies, so that you can display currency labels different from the ones used internally by WooCommerce. To alter such labels, you will have to implement a simple filter in your theme's functions.php file. The filter will receive an array of currency code => currency label pairs, which you can alter as you wish and returned to the widget.


 * Alters the currency labels that will be displayed on the currency selector widget.
 * @param array currencies An array of currencies passed by the widget.
 * @param string widget_type The type of widget beind displayed (e.g. 'dropdown' or 'buttons').
 * @param string widget_title The widget title
 * @param string widget_template_name The template file that is going to be used to render the widget.
 * @return array
function my_currency_labels($currencies, $widget_type, $widget_title, $widget_template_name) {
  $currencies['USD'] = 'My label for USD';
  $currencies['GBP'] = 'My label for GBP';

  return $currencies;
add_filter('edd_aelia_currencyswitcher_widget_currency_options', 'my_currency_labels', 10, 4); 

You can purchase the Currency Switcher from our online shop.