The Tax Display by Country plugin includes a country selector widget that can also support the selection of states/provinces. You can display the country selector widget in two ways:

Using WordPress Widgets

Go to Appearance > Widgets. There you will see a widget named WooCommerce Tax Display by Country - Billing Country Selector. Drag and drop it in a widget area, select a title and a widget type and click on Save. The widget will now appear on the frontend of your shop, in the area where you dropped it.

Using a shortcode

You can display the country selector widget using the following shortcode anywhere in your pages:

[aelia_tdbc_country_selector_widget title="Widget title (optional)" widget_type="dropdown" state_label="Province/State"]

The shortcode accepts the following parameters:

  • title
    The widget title (optional)
  • widget_type
    The widget type. Out of the box, the widget supports only dropdown. Further types can be added by implementing a filter in your theme for wc_aelia_tdbc_billing_country_selector_widget_types hook. If this parameter is not specified, dropdown widget type will be rendered by default.
  • state_label
    If the "handle customer's State/Province" option is enabled, this label will be displayed about the State dropdown.

You can purchase the Tax Display by Country plugin from our online shop.