Some of our plugins, like the Aelia Currency Switcher, Prices by Country or Tax Display by Country, use cookies to keep track of visitors' settings, such as the active currency, or country, for the purpose of display the correct content. These cookies are required for the plugins to work correctly, they can't be disabled. As per GDPR rules, this kind of cookies fall under the "settings cookies" and "required cookies" categories, and they can be set without having to ask for consent. Furthermore, the cookies don't contain personal data.

You can find more information about the cookies and what can be considered required, here: Iubenda is a company that provides a service to generate cookie and privacy policies, and it's backed by solicitors who analyse each matter from a legal perspective. From their article:

Exemptions to the consent requirement:

Some cookies are exempt from the consent requirement and therefore are not subject to preventive blocking (though you’re still required to have the banner and cookie policy in place). The exemptions are as follows:

  • Technical cookies strictly necessary for the provision of the service. These include preference cookies (our cookies fall under this category), session cookies, load balancing, etc.
  • Statistical cookies managed directly by you (not third-parties), providing that the data is not used for profiling
  • Statistical (anonymized) third-party cookies (e.g. Google Analytics)*

*This exemption is may not be applicable for all regions and is therefore subject to specific local regulations.

Important disclaimer

The above information doesn't constitute legal advice. If you need legal advice, we recommend to consult your solicitor/lawyer on that matter.