Before every release, the Currency Switcher plugin is tested on our servers on a basic Easy Digital Downloads installation. Such environment includes the following components:

  • WordPress 3.9.x and newer
  • Easy Digital Downloads 2.5.x to 2.9.x
  • TwentyEighteen theme
  • Currency Switcher plugin

Our standard tests don't involve 3rd party plugins or themes, simply because there are too many of them on the market. It would be impossible to install and test them all (not to mention the various combination of them). While we cannot guarantee that the Currency Switcher will work perfectly with a specific 3rd party plugin, we endeavour to improve and extend its compatibility as much as possible. 

Please refer to the compatibility table below to see how the Currency Switcher behaves with other plugins installed.


  • The list is indicative, and doesn't imply a compatibility guarantee. It simply indicates that our sample test showed that a plugin worked in a multi-currency environment, but this may no longer be the case when the 3rd party plugins are updated.
  • Ultimately, it's up to 3rd party developers to update their their plugins to be multi-currency aware. Our Currency Switcher cannot make them multi-currency capable from the outside.

Currency Switcher - 3rd party plugin compatibility


Plugin NameCompatibility StatusNotes
EDD Software Licensing
Not yet compatibleThe plugin is not multi-currency aware and won't trigger the conversion of licence upgrade prices.


What if a plugin reported as compatible causes some issues?

We review compatibility with 3rd party plugins on a regular basis, but it may happen than one or more of them get updated, breaking such compatibility. In such case, we would like to ask you to report the issue using our support portal, so that we can verify it and provide a solution in a future release.

What about plugins that are not listed?

If a plugin is not included in the table above, then it means that we haven't tested it, and that we didn't get feedback from our customers regarding its compatibility with the Currency Switcher. This may mean that the plugin works as expected, although we cannot guarantee that it will. Should you encounter any incompatibility with a specific plugin that you need to use, please open a support request.

I have a plugin that is not listed in the table above, can you check for me if it's compatible with the Currency Switcher?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide such service, either free or paid, because it would be very expensive to train our personnel to set up a 3rd party plugin and ensure that all its features are tested with the Currency Switcher. Besides, despite all our best efforts, we would not be able to guarantee compatibility. However, thanks to our 30 days money back guarantee, you will have plenty of time to try the Currency Switcher in your environment and see if it will fit your needs.

You can purchase the Currency Switcher from our online shop.