Before every release, the Currency Switcher plugin is tested on our servers on a basic WooCommerce installation. Such environment includes the following components:

  • WordPress 4.0.x and newer
  • WooCommerce 2.6.x and newer
  • StoreFront theme
  • Currency Switcher plugin

Our standard tests don't involve 3rd party plugins or themes, simply because there are too many of them on the market. It would be impossible to install and test them all (not to mention the various combination of them). While we cannot guarantee that the Currency Switcher will work perfectly with a specific 3rd party plugin, we endeavour to improve and extend its compatibility as much as possible. 

Please refer to the compatibility table below to see how the Currency Switcher behaves with other plugins installed.

How to read the compatibility status

  • Compatible: this status indicates that either the author of the plugin or the Aelia Team ran some tests, and verified that it works correctly.
  • No compatible: this status indicates that either the author of the plugin or the Aelia Team ran some tests, and verified that it doesn't work properly in a multi-currency environment.
  • Reported compatible: this status indicates that our clients tried the plugin together with our Currency Switcher, and reported that it works fine in a multi-currency setup. The Aelia Team has not performed tests on plugins "reported compatible".
  • Reported incompatible: this status indicates that our clients tried the plugin together with our Currency Switcher, and reported that it might not work correctly in a multi-currency setup. The Aelia Team has not performed tests on plugins "reported incompatible".

  • The list is only for reference, and doesn't imply a compatibility guarantee. It simply indicates that our sample test showed that a plugin worked in a multi-currency environment, but this may no longer be the case when the 3rd party plugins are updated.
  • Ultimately, it's up to 3rd party developers to update their their plugins to be multi-currency aware. Our Currency Switcher cannot add multi-currency support to other plugins.
  • As indicated in our terms and conditions of sale and support, issue caused by, or related to 3rd party plugins are outside the scope of our support service. Should you need assistance testing such plugins, or require a consultation to write an integration to add multi-currency support to them, please feel free to contact us. We will review the plugin you are using, and provide our estimate for a solution.

Currency Switcher - 3rd party plugin compatibility

Plugin Name
Compatibility Status
WooCommerce Wholesale Prices
WooCommerce Wholesale Prices 1.2.0 or later is required.
WooCommerce Mix & Match Products
Reported incompatible

We haven't run extensive tests with the plugin. Some of our customers reported that it works correctly, while others indicated that the total price of a "Mix & Match" product is calculated incorrectly.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Compatibility claimed, implemented and maintained by the plugin author. WooCommerce Extra Product Options 4.0.2 or later is required.

WooCommerce Menu Cart Plugin

WPML/WooCommerce Multilingual
It's recommended to disable the multi currency feature, which could cause conflicts.
WPMU/WordPress MultiUser

WooCommerce Product Add-ons, by Mike Jolley
Compatible (see notes)
WooCommerce Cart Notices
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
Compatible (see notes)
  • Currency Switcher or later
  • Dynamic Pricing plugin. Latest version we tested is 2.9.1. Earlier or later versions may be only partially compatible.
WooCommerce Currency Selector
Plugin performs currency conversion on the frontend, and it's not aware that the Currency Switcher might have done the calculation already, thus converting prices twice.
WooThemes Table Rates Shipping, by WooThemes
Limited compatibility (see notes)
Shipping charges are calculated by the plugin, then converted into the selected currency by the Currency Switcher. It's currently not possible to manually enter an amount depending on the currency. We haven't tested this plugin extensively, therefore some issues may still exist.Depending on the version you use and your settings, you might also have to implement some workarounds to fix some of the limitations in the Table Rates plugin. For more information, see WooCommerce Table Rates Shipping - How to make it work in a multi-currency environment.
WooThemes Table Rates Shipping, by BolderElements

With the Shipping Pricing Add-on it's also possible to specify shipping charges in each currency.
Geo Redirect
Compatible (see notes)
Geo Redirect and later  plugin uses the same GeoIP library included with the Currency Switcher, which crashes if it's loaded more than once. Currency Switcher and later can detect if such library has been loaded and will work correctly, but only if it's loaded after the Geo Redirect plugin.

If the Currency Switcher is loaded before the Geo Redirect plugin, the latter will try to load the GeoIP library again, and throw an error. This issue does not depend on the Currency Switcher, but on the Geo Redirect plugin. The solution is to modify it to check if the MaxMind library has been loaded before loading it again.
iQ Block Country
Compatible (see notes)
This plugin is affected by the same issue reported for the Geo Redirect plugin (see above).

Update: version 1.1.14 of the plugin and later should not be affected.
SkyVerge KISS Metrics
Compatible (see notes)
KISSMetrics does not support multiple currencies, therefore the orders are sent to it after being converted into base currency. KISSMetrics integration doesn't support Subscriptions yet.

WooCommerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes

Print Invoices & Packing Lists, by SkyVerge
Compatible (requires addon)
WooCommerce Points and Rewards
Not compatible
Plugin doesn't take currency into account when awarding points, and takes the absolute value of the purchase. For example, if plugin is set to award 1 point for each GBP spent, and customer switches to USD, the system will award 1.60 points, rather than 1.
WooCommerce Name Your Price
Not compatible
The price entered manually is ignored by the Currency Switcher. WooCommerce will consider it in base currency, no matter what currency is selected.
WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons
Not compatible
Gravity Forms uses its own, internal currency, and it doesn't interact with the multi-currency features available in WooCommerce after the installation of our Currency Switcher.
WooThemes Product Bundles
We implemented a temporary patch that adds basic support for Bundles plugin. As indicated on the page, it's up to the Bundles plugin itself to be fully multi-currency aware, we cannot guarantee that our patch won't break when the Bundles plugin is updated.
Google Products

WooThemes Subscriptions

If you are using version 2.x of the Subscriptions plugin, please be aware that you might need to update it to ensure that renewals and re-subscriptions work correctly. You can find more details about this in our knowledge base: Subscription renewals or resubscriptions are processed in the wrong currency
WooThemes Composite Products 
Compatible (see notes)


  • Currency Switcher or later.

We implemented a temporary patch that covers the lack of multi-currency support in the Composite Products plugin. As indicated on the page, it's up to the Composite Products plugin itself to be fully multi-currency aware, we cannot guarantee that our patch won't break when the Composite Products plugin is updated.

WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts, by phppoet


  • In Dynamic Discounts plugin settings, value of  "Which Price to take in account for discounts?" field must be set to "Final Product Price" (solution provided by plugin author).
WooCommerce Custom Currencies

The plugin introduces some simple currency conversion logic, which clashes with the Currency Switcher and will prevent it from working correctly. If you need to add custom currencies to your site, please follow the tutorial on WooThemes site: Woocommerce - Add a custom currency/symbol.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator
Incompatible (see notes)

The plugin introduces new calculations, based on measurement attributes associated to a product. The prices calculated by this plugin might not change with the currency (i.e. a price calculated as "100" remains "100" when a different currency is selected). The following code could help mitigating the issue:


The plugin uses WooCommerce in an "unorthodox" way, which bypasses the multi-currency logic added by the Currency Switcher.

UPS shipping method, by WooThemes
Partially compatible (requires customisasion)

The plugin doesn't handle the condition in which the UPS service returns shipping costs in a currency different from the active one. A customisation is needed to handle that condition. Please feel free to contact us to get a quote to implement such customisation.

WooCommerce Bookings
Compatible (requires free integration)

The plugin introduces a new "booking" product type, but doesn't pass it to the Currency Switcher for conversion. We already contacted its developers to get this issue fixed. In the meantime, you can use the Bookings plugin with our Currency Switcher by installing the free integration addon that you can find here: WooCommerce Bookings Integration for Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Sales by Country
Requires fix


Plugin sums all order totals together, regardless of the currency in which the order was placed. That is, 100 USD and 100 EUR become "200", in whatever base currency.


Please refer to our knowledge base to learn how to fix the issue: Sales by Country reports displays incorrect figures

PayPal Currency Converter (Basic or Pro)
Not compatible

The plugin implements basic features similar to the ones in our Currency Switcher. The two feature sets will clash, causing unpredictable behaviour.

WooCommerce JetPack (Basic or Plus)
Not compatible

The plugin implements features similar to the ones in our Currency Switcher. The two feature sets will clash, causing unpredictable behaviour.

WooCommerce Pricing Deals (Basic or Pro)
Not compatible

Feedback from Pricing Deals plugin's author - 27/08/2015

The plugin's author indicated that his plugins' architecture is not compatible with a multi-currency environment. Adding support for multiple currencies would require extensive modifications, which the author cannot make at this stage.

WooCommerce Product Fees
Not yet compatible

Updated on 27/08/2015

We extended the Product Fees plugin by adding full multi-currency support on the 26/08/2015, and sent the changes to the plugin's author. However, the author rejected those modifications, as he deemed them non-essential. He stated that he will review the multi-currency features if enough users will show interest in them.

If you wish to have the Product Fees plugin to support multiple currencies, please contact the author directly to request such feature. 

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gifts

WooCommerce Role Based Price

WooCommerce Simple Auctions
Not compatible
The plugin does not interface with the Currency Switcher, causing bids to be taken as absolute values and summed together. For example, the plugin would treat a bid of 1 EUR and 1 USD the same way, and sum them as "2".
Flat Rate per State/Country/Region for WooCommerce
The Flat Rate plugin doesn't pass the free shipping thresholds to the Currency Switcher for conversion. To have the thresholds converted correctly, you will have to implement a simple patch.
You can find the code here, ready to be used:
WooCommerce Wishlists, by Lucas Stark
Not compatible
When the currency is switched on the frontend, this wishlist plugin compares the price of a product in the active currency with the one in base currency. If the price in the active currency is a lower absolute amount (e.g. EUR, compared to CAD), the wishlist plugin incorrectly sends a notification to the subscribers, informing them that the product price was reduced.

Fixing this issue requires a modification of the wishlist plugin, to make it multi-currency aware.
RedQ Rental & Bookings
Not compatible
The RedQ Rental & Bookings plugin has a very rigid architecture and requires several modifications to support the flexibility of a multi-currency environment,

Compatibility Status
The plugin's authors had difficulties making their plugin more flexible, therefore we updated it for them, to implement basic support for multiple currencies. We forwarded our patched version to the original authors, to allow them to include the changes in their product.

As of April 2016, they haven't implemented the changes, and their Rentals plugin remains incompatible with our Currency Switcher.

If you wish to have the RedQ Rentals plugin support multiple currencies, please contact the authors directly to request such feature. 
WC Vendors/WC Vendors Pro
Not compatible
Last update: April 2016
The WC Vendors plugin is not yet compatible with the Currency Switcher, as it's designed to handle a single currency. We have been in contact with its authors to help them implementing compatibility with our plugin. Unfortunately, they couldn't give us an estimated delivery date for such feature.
YITH Gift Cards
Compatible (see notes)
Compatibility claimed, implemented and maintained by the plugin author.
The YITH Team added native support for our Currency Switcher in version 1.2.6 of their plugin. Should you need assistance with the integration with between the YITH Gifts Cards and our plugin, you can get support from the YITH Team. They are in direct contact with us, and we can provide them with any information they need to assist you.

Update - December 2017
The YITH Gift Cards plugin doesn't currently support entering card prices manually in each currency. It only allows to enter one price, in base currency, and have it converted using exchange rates. If you need to be able to enter gift card values in multiple currencies, please contact the YITH Team to request support for this feature.
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, by RightPress
Compatible (see notes)
Compatibility claimed, implemented and maintained by the plugin author. Requires Dynamic Pricing & Discounts plugin 2.0 or newer.
Sumo Reward Points
Untested - Presumed not compatible
Plugins that handle reward points must be able to distinguish transactions in the various currencies and translate them into the appropriate amount of points, both during the awarding and the consumption phase. This logic must be implemented in the rewards plugin itself, but the plugin description doesn't mention this ability.
Advanced WooCommerce Reporting
Reported incompatible
Updated on 09 June 2018
The plugin authors indicated that their reporting solution is no longer compatible with our Currency Switcher.
Woocommerce Cost of Goods
Reported incompatible
The value entered as cost of goods is not passed to the currency conversion functions.
Woocommerce Account Funds
Reported incompatible
The plugin doesn't take into account the currency of each order, thus deducting or adding an incorrect amount to the account balance.
YITH Woocommerce Points and Rewards
Reported incompatible
The plugin doesn't take into account the currency of each order, thus deducting or adding an incorrect amount to the account balance.
UpStroke (upsell solution)
Reported compatible
Our customers indicated that the UpStroke solution works correctly with the Currency Switcher.
One Click Upsell, by WooCurve
Requires modification
The One Click Upsell plugin uses a hard-coded logic, which doesn't call the currency conversion functions. We proposed a change that would fix that issue, but it hasn't yet been included in the official release. If you need us to modify the plugin for you, to make it compatible with the Currency Switcher, please feel free to contact us.
WooCommerce Points and Rewards, by wpweb
CompatibleCompatibility with the Aelia Currency Switcher has been added in version 1.0.6 of the Points and Rewards plugin, and it's maintained by the plugin's authors.
Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce, by AdTribes

Compatibility with the Aelia Currency Switcher has been added in version 4.2.2 of the Product Feed PRO plugin, and it's maintained by the plugin's authors.

Product Filter for WooCommerce, by XforWooCommerce

Partially compatibleKnown issues
- The filtering plugin hides products that don't have a value in the "_price" meta, which contains the price in base currency. Due to that, products with a different base currency and the price in shop's base currency empty won't appear on the catalogue.
- The filtering by price uses the "_price" meta saved against products and can be inaccurate. The plugin might require a customisation to filter products using their actual price instead.

What if a plugin reported as compatible causes some issues?

We review compatibility with 3rd party plugins on a regular basis, but it may happen than one or more of them get updated, breaking such compatibility. In such case, we would like to ask you to report the issue using our support portal, so that we can verify it and provide a solution in a future release.

What about plugins that are not listed?

If a plugin is not included in the table above, then it means that we haven't tested it, and that we didn't get feedback from our customers regarding its compatibility with the Currency Switcher. This may mean that the plugin works as expected, although we cannot guarantee that it will. Should you encounter any incompatibility with a specific plugin that you need to use, please open a support request.

I have a plugin that is not listed in the table above, can you check for me if it's compatible with the Currency Switcher?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide such service, either free or paid, because it would be very expensive to train our personnel to set up a 3rd party plugin and ensure that all its features are tested with the Currency Switcher. Besides, despite all our best efforts, we would not be able to guarantee compatibility. However, thanks to our 30 days money back guarantee, you will have plenty of time to try the Currency Switcher in your environment and see if it will fit your needs.


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